Wednesday, September 22, 2010

learn something new - sLow speed Photo

low light photos.
taken sept 2010 at Esplanade, Singapore.
I like to photos object..i dont know how to called it way.. but i love to go abroad,go to somewhere, then..when i saw something interested,i capture it "my way".. haha.. i wrote it because, i dont know to much about theoritically. i just do what i love,and hope everyone could appreciate it. so,just fell free to comment everything about my photos. its free..hahahahahaha.

About this photo.. i love it ( photos about light ) especially in the night..because of i love to see light.. its shown life and glamourous. i try to explore something new about this low light photos,like mixed it with zooming technic..and i like the product.. hahahaha.. something new for me..:)

About my fully photos.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Loving Design first blog..:) actually,I'm not a talkative one..
first of all,I like to design..i like to learn something new. for me,life is learning..its stop when u stop breathing. design for me is a universal language. its show your emotions, show your moods, and show much thing.
when u grown up, its divided into two ways.. hahaha.. between money or your heart. when its happen,where will you be? its such a hard choise.
what about you all?hahaha...